Welcome to Taylor-Dth Publishing

A Rolls Royce or a Model T?

Both will get you where you want to go, but the Rolls offers much more style, comfort and choice. Shouldn't your publishing experience offer the same?

As a fee based publisher we offer:

  • Free evaluation of your manuscript
  • Personal attention - You will speak to a real person about your needs
  • Reasonable pricing customized to your requirements
  • Control of your book remains in your hands
  • All rights are retained by you
  • Copyright in your name
  • Basic editing - we won't edit your work beyond recognition
  • Cover design is based on your vision, not stock images or templates
  • You decide the sale price for your book
  • Printed and e-book formats
  • Promotion
    • On line sales - Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, etc.
    • Free web page on Taylor-Dth.com
    • Promotion kits - printed and electronic are available
  • Current trends via newsletter and blog to keep you aware
  • Valuable links to experts in the book promotion/marketing fields

We are committed to helping you attain your publishing goals, as well as directing your progress through promotion and marketing to help you get known.

We do not publish every manuscript submitted to us, because we do have publishing standards. Nor do we publish pornography, hate related material, or works libelous in nature. As fee based publishers we print fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children's literature, cook books, novels, romance, religious works, detective/crime, murder mysteries and action/adventure, as well as teaching aids and scholarly works.

Review the information on this site and call (415-299-1087) or email to talk to us about your publishing goals.

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